Media Alert NASA Endurance Racing Championship 2016 Round 2



Redondo Beach, CA

April 17, 2016

Rydquist Racing Media Alert


Redondo Beach, CA (April 17, 2016) - Carl Rydquist claimed his second consecutive overall win in the 2016 National Auto Sport Association Endurance Racing Championship's second round of the year and extends the Prototype Development Group's championship lead. Rydquist put the #4 Factory Five Racing GTM supercar on pole position on the technical Buttonwillow Raceway Park during a chaotic qualifying that was temporarily halted when another car went off track and forced officials to stop the session in order to retrieve that car safely. As the race begun, Rydquist fought off a temporary charge from main rival, Truspeed Autosport's Porsche, and as the sun set he managed to lap the entire field and stayed in the lead until the checkered flag.


"We knew the Truspeed GT3 was capable of turning quicker laps than us at this track since our #4 PDG Factory Five Racing GTM is currently better suited for high speed tracks where it can stretch its legs a bit more.", says Carl and remarks, "However, it turned out that even on the ever-turning Buttonwillow track I could flow through the traffic just fine and build up a good lead that we kept until the finish".


Rydquist's 1 lap lead turned into a 3 lap lead when Truspeed pitted for fuel, tires and driver change. This allowed Team El Diablo's BMW to temporarily step up to 2nd place as well.


"Again, we were well aware of the laptime potential of the Truspeed Porsche at this track and we also had to account for our pit strategy so I kept going the way I started, sometimes with the Porsche's headlights all over my mirrors, albeit three laps down, and sometimes I was running right behind it. As long as we were together I knew there was no chance for them to catch up from being 3 laps down." Rydquist says adding, "During all this wheel to wheel racing I must compliment the rest of the NASA drivers, the driver quality overall has become really good. We were flying past cars from other classes who themselves where engaged in close and often intense intra-class battles on their limit, yet for the most part it worked out really well during lappings and it really made for a smooth and enjoyable race."


Team Prototype Development nailed their work in the pits and Rydquist was still over 2 laps ahead following the completion of all the different teams' pit stops. Behind Rydquist, Truspeed had caught up from their pitstop and passed Team El Diablo's BMW for 2nd place. At the closing stages the PDG team shifted their focus to maintain control of the race and to maintain the car, tires and Rydquist's effort. Three hours on the twisty Buttonwillow Raceway Park track means over 1500 turns in the race, all at the limit of the tire grip and often over 1.5G. On top of that the darkness requires more concentration than daytime racing.


"This was another awesome team win!" Carl celebrates, "We dedicated this one to the team owners Richard and Yvonne Migliori especially with Richard in mind as he is currently amidst a sequence of back surgeries."


The team would like to thank all the sponsors for the support. None forgotten, the Hankook racing slicks delivered the same laptimes for the entire race, the Ferodo racing brake pads provided phenomenal feel and brake performance, the fanastic Mendeola transaxle transmission performed flawlessly, the GM V8 didn't skip a beat thanks to the Champion Racing Sparkplugs, and the ultra-bright Baja Designs lights makes the job of racing in the dark a lot easier.


"It is the determination and dedication of the entire Prototype Development Group to never leave a stone unturned and to always prepare well, including's resources, that makes this possible." Carl concludes. "I'm honored to be a part of it!"


Next planned race on Carl Rydquist's competition schedule is another NASA Racing 3-hour twilight endurance race with the Prototype Development Groups' Factory Five Racing GTM which will take place at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, CA, on Saturday night June 18th, 2016.


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Carl Rydquist (born 1977 in Goteborg) is a Swedish racing driver and a SAG-AFTRA licensed stunt and precision driver who has won many auto races, the most famous to date the Zandvoort 500. In Rydquist's auto racing career, he currently has a victory in one out of four races and podium finishes in two out of three Touring and GT car endurance and sprint races.


Rydquist won the Zandvoort 500 during the 2005 Dutch Winter Championship making him the first of only three Swedish drivers to ever win this race, following three successful seasons in the Swedish Endurance Racing Cup which earned him two GT-class titles (2001, 2004). This was the starting point of his international career in Europe and the USA.





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